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What's in your hand?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

What's in your hand? Are your hands full of things that you needed to lay down a long time ago? Are you hanging on tight to the past you used to know? Are you holding on to the things you simply don't want to let go of? That relationship. That job. The insecurities. The pain. The betrayal. The loss.

Can you see what's in front of you? Can you see what God is trying to give you but you don't have space to carry?

You cannot take hold of what God is holding out in front of you as long as your hands are full of things from your past. Not everything is meant for every season. If He removes something from your life, you can rest assured there is something greater coming. There is still love. There is still joy. There is still goodness...even if we can't recognize it when our hands are full and weighed down.

I know...I know it can be scary to let go of the familiar, of what you've always known. I know it's hard to let go of what you want. Oh, friend, but do you know how hard it would be to miss out on the goodness, the experiences, the gifts He has waiting for you?

Many years ago I missed out on something God had for me because I simply went to visit my family for Christmas. Sounds a bit messed up, right? But it's true. Everything about booking the flight and the travelling and the being there - while it was wonderful and we enjoyed it, and it was the last Christmas we all spent together - it wasn't where I was supposed to be. I was holding tight to what I thought I was supposed to do, but I knew in my heart I was not. I missed out on something back here in Labrador that year. I don't know what that was. I just know that it taught me to be more sensitive and to stop holding on to being and doing what I thought I was supposed to be and do, and to just be open to what He has for me.

Over the years, His promises prove true. If he takes, He replaces with something greater. There are always, always greater things to come. (Haggai 2:9, Deuteronomy 30:3-4, Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 43:19, and many more).

What He gives will always be greater. Always.

Here's a photo of my daughter's hand, filled with beautiful, smooth stones. I found this old photo over the weekend and it reminded my that while yes, something may be beautiful (like our past), we can only carry it for so long if we wish to receive all the other beautiful things out there that He longs to give us.

It's not always that we need to put down hurt and shame, sometimes we also need to put aside something that while it was or is beautiful, it's not for this season of our lives or for where He wants to bring us.

All I know is this: He has good things. Good things. For all of us. But I also know that we need to be willing to receive them.

So, friend, why not let go of all of what may be keeping you from the beautiful thing he is holding out in front of you, just waiting for you to take. And hold. It's waiting there within your reach.

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