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'Tis the Season for Self-Kindness

I know, it just sounds wrong, doesn't it. This is a season for giving, not a time to focus on ourselves. But all around we are seeing people drowning. People in desperate need of a little self-compassion and a lot of grace. People overwhelmed with grief, and work, and, Perhaps it's time to give a little something to yourself.

We've been going through a hard season, and many of us are still there. We've suffered the loss of relationships, loved ones, security, connections, and time. While there were some positives that came from the pandemic with people's values and priorities being tested and realigned, new ways of ensuring we stay connected to those we love, and examining the ways we learn, work, and play. But one of the biggest things the pandemic seems to have given us is exhaustion. As a society we have gone through a collective trauma response...and it's showing. People are tired, unable to focus, and many are feeling hopeless like never before.

I think it may be time that we give ourselves the love and compassion we usually extend to others at this time of the year, and recognize that we need kindness as well. This simple Advent of Self-Kindness is not meant to be overwhelming. It is to serve as a reminder for each of us to show ourselves a little extra care at a time when we are really needing it. I am willing to bet that giving yourself this month of compassion and grace will better able you to give the same to those around you once again.

Download free PDF here:

Advent of Self-Kindness
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