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Grateful Hearts

By the time I post this, most of us will have settled into our day. Some of us with rushing around, feeling frazzled, and just trying to get out the door on-time. For others, maybe it was a slow start, with a quiet house, trying to figure out what can fill the day. And there are a million other possibilities, but there is one commonality. We can choose HOW we start our day. We can choose to be thankful. Or we can choose to feel bad for ourselves.

Gratitude. Being mindful. It is something you practice. It can be an emotion, an action, an attitude, a skill, a virtue. But really what it comes down to is this: gratitude is acknowledging the goodness in our lives. It is merely being thankful for what comes your way, good or not-so-good, realizing it has the potential to teach us, develop character, and bring richness to our own individual stories.

There are some very practical steps that you can take to foster a life of gratitude. Personally, I start my day with writing down 3 things that I am grateful for. I set a goal for the day and I remind myself what I am thankful for. Setting this intention, having a morning ritual, being reflective...whatever you choose to call it, will bring beauty into your life.

When you set your mind to gratitude, you will likely begin to experience a happiness you didn't know was within your reach. And it will become a beautiful, vicious cycle of goodness that will light up your soul. And in turn, all that love, joy, and goodness will spill over and you won't be able to help but return the kindness to others. And I mean that.

While I'll take time later to explore the physical, as well as psychological, benefits of practicing gratitude, I encourage you to start today with just being thankful. Really mindfully thankful. Start that vicious cycle of goodness in your own life

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