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Winter Running

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Winter running. Well, it's winter here in Northern Canada, and while you may not need all this gear to safely run outside, we sure do. If you live in a colder climate and you crave running in the fresh air, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your run.

Here's a list of my must-haves for safe and enjoyable winter running:

Dress in layers: base layer, insulating layer, water/wind resistant layer

Be visible: reflectors/lights @noxgear_nation or @niteize are my faves

Proper footwear: grippy footwear @yaktraxtraction or my personal favorite @salomonrunning wildcross gtx

Minimize exposed skin: gloves, mittens, hat, buff

Protect you eye: sunglasses

Always be aware of your body, and your surroundings. Run with the wind, not into it, when you can and always strive for controlled breathing. Keep yourself well hydrated before, during, and after each run. And take it easy. Running in very cold temperatures puts stress on your body. Warming up your muscles to avoid injury is very important.

While you may do all of the above things right, there are still many factors that will influence your run. Road conditions, fluctuations in temperature, precipitation and the amount of sunlight all influence the surface you are running on and the air you are breathing. Know the signs of hypothermia and monitor yourself throughout your run. If you notice any intense shivering, loss of coordination, slurred speech, or fatigue — get emergency treatment immediately. Also, always watch for frostbite; especially fingers, toes, ears, and nose. They may feel numb or really cold at the start of your run, but they should warm up after a few minutes. If you start notice a patch of hard, pale, cold skin get out of the cold immediately and slowly warm the affected area. If numbness persists, seek medical treatment.

Most importantly, enjoy all that fresh winter air in your lungs!

Be safe out there!

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