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What's for breakfast?

So, what's for breakfast? Some days it's a satisfying protein shake (with veggies and berries thrown in for good measure) and strong coffee, all gulped down at the school drop-off or on the commute to work...some days it's a warm, hearty plate of eggs, sauted greens and peppers, and toast with all the PB enjoyed while lounging in jammies. Still with the strong coffee though. Of course. And you know what? Both are totally ok! Both have all the nutrition and energy I need to start my day right. It doesn't always have to be Instagram worthy to be good! And who decides what's IG worthy anyhow?! Just feed your body well. Start your day well. Give yourself some grace on the days you feel like you are just grabbing what you can. The important thing is that you don't skip it! So whether it's Shakeo or steak and eggs, enjoy!

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